Panama, The Canal and Beyond

Panama, The Canal and Beyond and Colonial Cartagena

November 2014.

The Panama Canal has an allure to all travelers. It’s on all our Bucket Lists. The only question I had was how to see it – by transiting it on a cruise ship or via a land tour. Not being a fan of cruises and seeing that the Trafalgar tour had the extension to Cartagena, Colombia, I decided to go the land route and was not disappointed. The tour was run locally by Gamboa Tours.

I’m not sure how much the cruise educates passengers on the Canal, but I found the land tour immersed us in everything to do with the Canal. Not only did it include a partial transit, but included a visit to the Miraflores Locks and the Canal Zone. We saw sites I doubt those on a cruise would see and the guide showed us documentaries on the construction of the original Locks as well as the current construction of the new Locks.

PanamaI wrote this tale while I was traveling so it is very detailed.

You can start with the Travel Day or navigate to individual days from the Table of Contents.

All the photos from this tour can be found here.


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