Bohemian Highlights

Travel Tale of Trafalgar Tour’s Bohemian Highlights 13-27 June 2009

In 2009, I decided I wanted to start travelling again. Between 1994 and 2009, I had taken one trip to Florida in 2002 and the first thing I learned was that a lot happened to the airline industry in the intervening seven years. Nope, I’m not talking about the tighter security or war on nail clippers. I’m talking about seat back video screens.

It’s amazing how a few hours of movies or tv can make a long flight, well, fly.

I decided to take a tour for my first trip outside of North America in almost twenty years. I had done a couple of tours in high school and knew that as a solo traveller, it was the way to go, so I dropped into a travel agent and asked them who the best company to travel with. They handed me the thick brochure from Trafalgar Tours.

I went home and was like an eight year old with a Sears catalog before Christmas. My initial thought was Greece, but it was a bit long. Then I saw the Bohemian Highlights.

Bohemian Highlights (current tour starts in Frankfurt, not Berlin)

Bohemian Highlights (2014 version)

The last time I travelled in Europe, there was an invisible line that I couldn’t cross. As a member of the military, I needed permission to cross into Eastern Europe, so visiting Warsaw, Budapest or Prague was out of the question. There was something surreal about looking at a map of Europe and realizing that the entire continent was mine to explore.

The Bohemian Highlights was the ideal tour to start that exploration. While current versions of the tour start in Frankfurt and drive to Berlin, I was lucky enough to take the tour in 2009 when it started in Berlin. From there the tour does a circle of Eastern Europe and included stops in Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna and Prague. Each stop was for two nights so that meant at least one full day of sightseeing in each city.

I wrote this tale as I travelled so it is very detailed (and has a few typos that I’m slowly getting around to fixing). Click here to view the Travel Day and Day One or navigate to individual days using the Table of Contents.

Click here to view all the photos on my flickr page.




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