Trafalgar Tours’ Highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia

Highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia with a stop in Singapore.

Southeast Asia was a part of the world I hadn’t given much thought to until I started hearing from others who had visited the region. They all had nothing but good things to say so when I was looking for somewhere to go to break up the winter, this Trafalgar tour just fell into my lap.

I can echo everything I’ve heard. Vietnam and Cambodia have a bit of everything – a rich history, incredible scenery and amazing people. One would be hard pressed to see the evidence that both nations were torn apart by war in the last fifty years. As one t-shirt said – Vietnam is a country, not a war.

And it’s an incredible destination.

VietnamI wrote this tale as I traveled so it’s very detailed.

You can start with the Travel Days or navigate to individual days with the Table of Contents.

All the photos from this tour can be found on my flickr page.


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