Splendors of Japan

Splendors of Japan with Hiroshima

When I started traveling again in 2009, Japan was at the top of my list, so I was delighted when Trafalgar introduced this tour in 2013. I had a choice between the 10 day tour which ends in Kyoto or the 14 day one that includes a night in a monastery as well as a visit to Hiroshima via the bullet train.

japanI have to admit that I was at a loss as to why one would go all the way to Japan and not visit Hiroshima but I suspect a lot of Americans feel uncomfortable doing so. As my tale will explain, this is not a concern. Quite the opposite. If one has the time and budget to include Hiroshima, do it!

I wrote this tale as I travelled so it is very detailed (and might have a few typos that I’m slowly getting around to fixing).

Click here to start with the Travel Days and/or use the Table of Contents to navigate to individual days.

All the photos taken on this tour can be found on my flickr page here.




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