Natural Wonders of Iceland

In June, 2013, I was looking for a tour that was under two weeks and not too far away. Given that it was June, I looked north. I had narrowed my choices down to Alaska, Norway, or Iceland.

Iceland won out and I signed up for Insight Vacations’ Natural Wonders of Iceland.

icelandThe first question most people asked me when I told them In was going to Iceland was….why?

Easy. Volcanoes. Geysers. Faults. Glaciers. Icebergs. Whales. Reindeer. Horses. White Nights. Lava. Unusual formations. Awesome scenery. Midnight sun. Puffins. Waterfalls. And more waterfalls. Hot springs. Friendly people. And the Blue Lagoon.

It was that and more.

I wrote this tale while I was traveling and it is very detailed.

Click here to start with the Travel Days and there is a link at the bottom of each day for the next day. You can also navigate between the individual days using the Table of Contents.

All my photos can be viewed here on my flickr site.


2 thoughts on “Natural Wonders of Iceland

  1. Jackie Piper

    Loved the blog. I read it before my trip to Iceland and found it helpful in figuring out what to bring. Just got back from the same tour (some things were different) which I loved. We were fortunate to have Snorri for our tour guide. Just loved the tour.

    1. lesleyanne Post author

      That’s awesome! Yes, I saw they had made changes and I think they’re for the better. Nice to know Snorri is still at it! 🙂

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