Israel Discovery

Israel Discovery – November 2009

When I told people I was going to Israel, the response was usually the same.

It’s dangerous!

Nothing could be further from the truth. The tours avoid the areas where there is unrest like Gaza and the areas they visit are not only safe, but a model of cooperation between all religions as Jews, Muslims and Christians live and worke side-by-side.

While many visit for religious reasons, you don’t have to be religious to marvel at the history that is around every corner of this country. From one of the earliest ports of the ancient world to the top of Masada or the waters of Galilee, this country has something for everyone.

israelI wrote this tale as I travelled so it is very detailed (and might have a few typos that I’m slowly getting around to fixing).

Click here to start with the Travel Days or navigate to individual days using the Table of Contents.

All my photos from the tour can be found on my flickr page.


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