Highlights of Austria, Slovenia and Croatia

Welcome to my Travel Tale of Trafalgar Tour’s Highlights of Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. I did this tour from 1-14 June 2012. As a former peacekeeper who had served in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the war in 1993-94, it was somewhat of an emotional decision for me to go back. There were no comprehensive tours of Bosnia itself, but having spent a few days in Croatia as well, I wanted to at least see it again in peacetime.

What I didn’t expect was the chance to set foot in Bosnia en route to Dubrovnik. An emotional return and a big step towards returning to see the rest of the country in the near future.


This tour is a part of Trafalgar’s At Leisure series where departures are later in the morning, there are more opportunities for free time and there are more multi-night stays. This tour boasted a full two days and three nights both on Hvar and in Dubrovnik as well as two nights in Vienna, Lake Bled and Zagreb. The extra time certainly gives one a chance to explore these amazing destinations in more detail.

And you get to sleep in at the same time!

I wrote this tale as I travelled so it is very detailed (and has a few typos that I’m getting around to fixing). Click here to start with the Travel Days. You can navigate to individual days by clicking on the Table of  Contents.

The photos in the tale can be expanded by clicking on them. To see more photos, check out the full collection on my flickr page here.


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