Egypt – Table of Contents

Travel Days: St. John’s-Toronto-London-Cairo

Pre-day: Cairo – Muhammad Ali Palace and Old Cairo

Day One: Cairo – Ibn Tulum and Islamic Art Museum

Day Two: Giza – The Great Pyramids of Giza and the Step Pyramid

Day Three: Cairo – The Egyptian Museum and the Citadel

Day Four: Old Cairo Sites, to Alexandria

Day Five: Alexandria Sites

Day Six: To Siwa Oasis

Day Seven: Mountain of the Dead, Cleopatra’s Bath, Old Siwa (Shali)

Day Eight: Siwa Museum, 4x4s to the Great Sand Sea

Day Nine: To Cairo

Day Ten: Valley of the Whales and Fayoum Oasis

Day Eleven: Memphis and the Sound & Light Show

Day Twelve: Fly to Aswan, Unfinished Obelisk, Philae Temple and Felucca Excursion

Day Thirteen: Nubian Village, Coptic Monastery by Camel

Day Fourteen: Fly to Abu Simbel, Ramses II Temple, Board Our Nile 5-Star Standard Cruise Boat

Day Fifteen: Cruise Along the Nile; Kom Ombo and Edfu Temples

Day Sixteen: Karnak and Luxor Temples

Day Seventeen: The Valley of the Kings, King Tut’s Tomb

Day Eighteen: Fly to Sharm El Sheikh

Day Nineteen: Sharm El Sheikh

Day Twenty: St Catherine’s Monastery (UNESCO)

Day Twenty-one: Fly to Cairo and home

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