Contrasts of Scandinavia and Russia

Contrasts of Scandinavia and Russia

This tour is no longer offered by Trafalgar but follows very closely to the current Northern Capitals tour. The major difference is that Contrasts of Scandinavia took the train between the cities whereas the Northern Capitals goes by bus.

This map is for the Northern Capitals tour. The biggest difference is that we had two nights in Stockholm and there was no stop between Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

scandinaviaHaving the opportunity to take the train through Scandinavia was ideal. As a Canadian, I’ve had my fill of driving for hours through northern forests, so the train enabled us to make a quick transit between cities – the real treat on this tour.

We shadowed a bus doing the same itinerary and met up with them in the cities when we did the same things or needed transport.

I wrote this tale as I travelled so it is very detailed (and might have a few typos that I’m slowly getting around to fixing).

Click to start with the Travel Days or follow the tale using the Table of Contents.

All my photos can be found on my flickr page here.



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