Eldertreks: Egypt – Land of the Pharaohs

Egypt – Land of the Pharaohs

15 February to 12 March 2017

In 1994, I was serving with the United Nations in Bosnia and decided to take my two weeks leave in Egypt. With a few rolls of film and a cheap 35mm camera, I spent time in Cairo, Hurghada and did the Nile cruise. In all, I took 118 pictures.

I’ve always wanted to go back and take 1000.

Or 5,385.

The Eldertreks tour is the most comprehensive tour of Egypt that I was able to find and it includes visits to areas I did not see in 1994 including Alexandria, the western desert, Abu Simbel and the Sinai.

I wrote this tale as I travelled and it is very detailed. You can start with the Travel Days or navigate to individual days via the Table of Contents.

All my photos can be found on my flickr page and I had a little fun replicating some of the photos I took in 1994.


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