Eldertreks: Costa Rica – Rainforest Adventure

Eldertreks: Costa Rica – Rainforest Adventure

12-28 December 2016

I had been looking at Costa Rica for some time but most of the tours I had researched were only a week long. I knew Costa Rica had more to offer, so when I saw Eldertreks‘ thirteen day adventure tour for people over fifty, I knew this was the one.

I’ve been on tours that concentrated on cultural, historical or scenic elements. This one was just plain fun. Outside of the beautiful scenery, we went ziplining, river rafting and horseback riding. We also did a couple of short hikes in the rainforest, saw a lot of wildlife, bathed in hot springs, had a lunch with a local family and much more. None of the activities were too strenuous so that anyone in reasonable health could do it all.

ettd000011I wrote this tale as I travelled so it is very detailed (and might have a few typos that I’m slowly getting around to fixing). You can start with the Travel Days or navigate to individual pages on the Table of Contents.

All the photos from this tour can be found on my flickr page.



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