Monograms Travel – Wonders of Australia

Wonders of Australia – 5 October – 3 November 2015

I’ve been looking at visiting Australia for several years. In 2012, I opted to visit New Zealand on its own rather than combining it with Australia. The combination options barely touched on each destination and I decided to do each separately so that I could make the most of the visits.

I looked at a number of tours and finally settled on Monograms’ Wonders of Australia. The tour covers Sydney, Cairns, Dawrin, Uluru, Alice Springs and Melbourne and I opted for the extension that included Hobart, Adelaide and Fiji.


Unlike traditional tours in which you are accompanied by a tour guide and travel with the same group of people, Monograms is geared towards people who like a bit more independence. They offer airport transfers, intra-air flights and the services of a local host in several cities that ensured I always had a contact. The tour itself is made up of a string of day tours (included touring and optionals), and as these tours run daily, I could pick any available departure date that worked for me.

In my case, I could pick dates that ensured I was in Fiji on my fiftieth birthday.

I wrote this tale as I travelled so it is very detailed (and has a few typos that I’m getting around to fixing). You can start with the Travel Days or navigate to individual days on the Table of Contents.

All my photos for this tour can be found on my flickr page.



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